Capsulone 3rd Generation Επαναγεμιζόμενη Μεταλλική Κάψουλα συμβατή με Nespresso με 3 φίλτρα

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"Capsulone" Specializing in the development and sales of all kinds of metal refillable capsules.
Since 2014, we have been selling reusable coffee capsules
We have obtained more than 10 patent certificates
Type: Reusable Capsule fit for Nespresso
Material: food grade  304 stainless steel
Suitable for: Nescafé Nespresso except U
1.REUSABLE, saving money, environmental, make your life unique.
3.LOWER YOUR COSTS, more than 10 years use
4. coffee cream like as original Nespresso coffee pods do.
第二 兼容
1 capsule as the follow picture:
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未标题-1(3) - 副本_副本
How to install the filter
1.Choose a sutiable filter
2.Align the filter with the hole on the back of the lid
3.Press the filter plate down
How to remove the filter
1.Face the front of the lid to yourself
2.Press the filter with 2 thumbs
How to use sticker
1.Face the front of the lid to yourself
2.Just stick the sticker directly on the lid
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