Claro 5 in 1 Profi Box Eco Cleaning Set - Σετ Οικολογικού Καθαρισμού Πλυντηρίου Πιάτων

ΔΩΡΕΑΝ Μεταφορικά
Το προϊόν δεν είναι διαθέσιμο
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  • Professional eco cleaning set from claro
  • phosphate-free detergents
  • Environmentally friendly production of all cleaning agents
  • The set contains: 75 dishwasher tablets, 1 kg hygienic salt, machine cleaner, rinse aid, dishwashing liquid
  • developed and produced in Upper Austria on the Mondsee


claro StarterBox - the environmentally friendly cleaning set

The claro starter box contains everything that makes the dishwasher heart beat faster in a practical box. What's in it?

1 x 75 claro Eco Classic Dishwasher Tabs These dishwasher tabs unleash their full power in combination with claro salt and claro rinse aid. Then they run to top shape and bewzingen even the most stubborn dirt. The Classic Tabs are for those who like to flush systematically and prefer to use tabs rather than powders. The dishwasher tablets are phosphate-free - to love the environment. 

1 x claro hygiene salt The claro hygiene salt in the pyramid is named after its unique packaging. This is specially designed to facilitate the dosing of the salt. This makes refilling an effortless task, even without a funnel. 

1 x Claro Eco Rinse Aid The rinse aid is the icing on the cake. It makes our dishes completely dry and ensures a lot of shine at the end of the wash cycle. 1 x claro Eco Hand Dishwashing Detergent The hand dishwashing detergent performs well in almost every household. It is indispensable despite the dishwasher. After all, there are always favorite dishes and particularly stubborn dirt, which you prefer to take in your own hands. 1 x claro Eco Machine Care Powder We clean our dishes almost every day, but how often do we actually clean the dishwasher? Leftovers, grease and lime are deposited on the sieve and drain over time. Our machine care staff takes care of your dishwasher and cleans it up to the last corner. 


claro was founded in 1995 by Josef Dygruber. The aim was to produce top-quality dishwashing products and bring development, production, design and marketing under one roof. Today, claro stands for perfectly clean dishes and an intact environment.
claro was from the beginning, and still is, environmental pioneer in a world dominated by chemical companies. Long before it was banned by law, we did not use phosphates in our products and constantly optimize our production, purchasing and transportation to get even better.
The patented water-soluble film of our tabs reduces plastic waste. We only produce phosphate and chlorine-free products that are also biodegradable.